Asheville has recently come into its own, with a rise in visitors coinciding with an expanding art and music scene, and people coming to appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding Appalachian Mountains. It should come as no surprise to Asheville locals and lovers that it has just been named one of the Coolest Towns in the United States by none other than Matador Network.

What makes Asheville so awesome?

Location, Location, Location!

Asheville is unique because it has something for everyone. Whether you want to spend your vacation strolling around an artsy downtown, admiring the awesome art deco design buildings, eating at a new farm-to-table restaurant, or exploring the countless biking and hiking trails, Asheville is a great, multi-faceted city. If you’re at an outdoor concert during the day, you can drive just minutes away from the bustling downtown into a campground to do some kayaking. There’s endless amounts of opportunities for a good time!

A welcoming community

Though Asheville is a pretty big city, the people there are so inviting and welcoming that you’d guess you’re in a small town. It’s a little bit of the southern hospitality – people are glad you’re here and want to help you have a great time while you can. Whether you want to spend the day on the water or gallery hopping, there will be someone there who’s ready to teach you how to kayak, or there will be someone else ready to map out the best places to visit downtown. Asheville locals love the city and they want you to love it, too!

Endless activities

Asheville is a popular city because it has so much to offer. Unlike other cities its size, it’s truly unique because there are so many things happening at once. Recently going through an economic transformation really helped boost the city’s morale, so many local crafters, artists, chefs, and outdoor enthusiasts are taking advantage of the next-level culture boom in the city! This has helped Asheville become an epicenter of music, art, craft beer and local food in North Carolina.

So what are you waiting for? Not only is Asheville a great place to visit, but it’s a great place to live. All year round, there are plenty of events and activities happening throughout the city. The family-friendly atmosphere welcomes families of all sizes and ages, so everyone will be sure to enjoy living in Asheville.