Asheville has been in a lot of online lists lately, for best restaurants, best music scene, best beer festival, and perhaps more interestingly, best retirement destination. Though many Florida cities have long held the title for “most attractive retirement destination,” Asheville seems to be working its way up the ranks. So, why exactly is Asheville becoming such a popular retirement option? Check out these 5 compelling reasons:

It’s Affordable

North Carolina is 3.7% cheaper than the national average, and more than just the cost of living, the land is affordable too! State income taxes have recently dropped as well, making it that much easier to move. For those living on a fixed budget, Asheville is a convenient place to call home, that won’t ever feel like you’re settling. Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

It’s Beautiful

Asheville and the surrounding areas are undeniably beautiful. Nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains, you get a spectacular view of the mountains from just about anywhere in the city. And if you venture out of the city even just a little ways, you’ll be greeted by gorgeous waterfalls, scenic byways, and walkable trails that take you to one of the area’s many rivers. Asheville is truly a city rooted in natural, historical beauty.

It Has Culture

Though it is tucked in the mountains, there’s no denying that Asheville has cultural appeal. A historical town, Asheville really got its start when the Vanderbilts bought 125,000 acres of land for their massive, 200 room Biltmore Estate. Today, the Biltmore Estate is open for the public to visit, and Asheville has only continued to grow as a town known for its culture. Visit Thomas Wolfe’s childhood home. Check out the symphony, or get tickets to a play at one of the city’s four theatres. If you’re into music, even Nashville admits Asheville has a great scene. And most importantly, be sure to visit one of Asheville’s award-winning restaurants: the city is bursting with them.

Don’t believe us? Then take the word of Good Morning America or Travel + Leisure, because we’re not making it up! Asheville really is a great place to retire.

There’s Plenty to Do

If you’re looking for outdoor activities, Asheville has you covered there too. With 9 parks right in the center of town, you can swim, walk, and explore nature without even leaving city limits. If venturing out a little farther seems interesting, you can check out one of the many state parks surrounding the Asheville area with scenic overlooks, easy to moderate hiking trails, and more waterfalls than you can imagine. And if golfing is your gig, there’s plenty of courses, both public and private, that offer superb rounds for 10 months out of the year.

Temperate Climate

One of the best things about Asheville is the climate. You still get four full seasons, but without the extreme heat, or the extreme cold. Asheville averages just 13-16 inches of snow a year, not very much for a mountain community, and temperatures hover around 40 in the dead of winter. Other times of the year, expect moderate temperatures and pleasant weather. While it rains from time to time, it’s equally as sunny, and temperatures aren’t likely to reach much higher than 85 in the summer. Asheville offers a perfect, temperate range.

If you’re looking to spend your retirement years in Asheville, then make sure to look into the Couch Mountain community. A community focused on sustainable living, Couch Mountain promotes backyard farming and gardening, and offers a community greenhouse as well as a bee apiary. To learn more about sustainable mountain living, check out our website. If you’d like information about Couch Mountain homesites, feel free to give our office a call at 866-936-5263, or contact us online today!