These days, more and more people are turning to sustainable living practices. Why? Well, because they’re generally good for you, and they make you feel good about contributing positively to the world around you. Sustainable living offers people the opportunity to connect with nature, and sustainable living communities and developments offer the added bonus of a group of people to connect with as well.

Today, our lives are increasingly dependent on technology. From emails to texts, it seems that we’re constantly plugged in. Sustainable living communities offer a place to escape at the end of the day. A beautiful, quiet place rooted in nature that you can call home. At Couch Mountain, we strive to make our development just this sort of peaceful sustainable living respite from the busy working world. But we believe our sustainable community offers more than just a peaceful place to call home. Here are just a few of the benefits that come from living in a community that places priority on a sustainable lifestyle:

Sustainable living saves money

One of the most obvious benefits of sustainable living is the money savings. First of all, sustainable communities like Couch Mountain strive to offer the most energy efficient solutions, both in our building practices and in our community spaces. When you’re living sustainably, you use less energy and you might also opt for more energy efficient appliances, which can save quite a bit on energy bills. Additionally, sustainable lifestyles are more affordable in that you’re growing a portion of your own food. Costly grocery items like produce are things that you can harvest right from the community garden, without having paid more than what it cost to purchase seeds.

A healthier way to live

In the same vein, sustainable living communities often offer a healthier way to live. When you’re out gardening, walking from our community greenhouse to the apiary to the neighborhood gardens, you’re getting in a great deal of exercise, not to mention you’re eating more wholesome foods. When you’re growing your own produce and raising chickens, there’s no question of what’s going into your daily meals. You’ve helped raise the produce yourself, and you know you used sustainable, healthy practices. Not only can you feel good about what you eat because you’ve grown it, you can feel great knowing that there are no harmful pesticides or chemicals in your dinner.

Grow your skills, or learn something new

Whether you’re working in the neighborhood gardens, or considering starting up your own backyard farm with a few chickens, sustainable living communities offer the opportunity to learn something new. Find the best way to grow that prize-winning tomato, or take up beekeeping. Communities like Couch Mountain encourage sustainable practices of all kinds.

Foster community inclusiveness

The community greenhouses and neighborhood gardens offered at sustainable living communities like Couch Mountain do a lot to foster community inclusiveness. Developments like these are the types of communities where you know your neighbors by name. You might see them working in the greenhouse, or you might sit with them by the outdoor fire pit on summer nights. Residents from all different background meet in these community spaces to share stories and even gardening tips, creating a positive community environment that feels like home.

Connect with nature

Outdoor spaces in sustainable living communities are celebrated and protected. Couch Mountain, for example, is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains just outside Asheville, NC. When you walk outside your home, you’re immediately surrounded by the nature of protected forests, streams, and mountains. These communities offer peaceful places to take a break from the fast paced technology of the professional world and take in the beauty of the nature around you.

Safe habitat for wildlife

Communities like Couch Mountain offer a safe habitat for wildlife. We aim to minimize impact when building, and each of our homes is designed to fade into the beautiful landscape that surrounds the development. These sustainable building practices work to maintain safe habitats for the wildlife who lived here before, and our sustainable communities further that goal by continuing minimal environmental impact.

Promote environmental awareness

Sustainable communities remind us just how much we rely on the environment and natural resources around us. Without healthy outdoor spaces to grow community gardens, or to raise bees and chickens, we wouldn’t have some of those important food groups we need to live. By interacting regularly with natural spaces, whether walking the miles of trails surrounding the development or out working in the greenhouse, time spent outdoors reminds us of the importance of these beautiful green spaces.

Sustainable living communities offer a healthy, peaceful retreat from the bustle of a busy life. They remind us of the importance of green spaces, and they offer more affordable, healthier ways to live. If you’ve been looking into sustainable living communities for your next home, be sure to check out Couch Mountain. Just minutes away from downtown Asheville, this community is quietly nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and features sustainable amenities like backyard farming, community greenhouses, neighborhood gardens, and miles and miles of natural trails through the mountains. For a look at our community site plan, or for more information, contact us online today.