Asheville, NC is the perfect spot for the avid angler. With hundreds of miles of fresh, clear-running rivers, and protected national forests all around, you won’t find a better spot for fly-fishing this side of the Mississippi. Whether you’re planning on visiting Asheville, and would like a chance to cast a line, or you live in the area and want a guided tour and an all-day fishing experience, these trusted Asheville fishing guides have the package for you:

Asheville Fly Fishing Co.

A trusted, local fly fishing guide, the Asheville Fly Fishing Co. offers guided trips for any angler with any level of skill or experience. Choose between full and half-day trips, wading or floating. The experienced professionals at Asheville Fly Fishing Co. teach everything from how to tie a fly to fish psychology, and work to ensure that everyone who books a trip with them leaves feeling satisfied. A few special trips to check out:

  • Float Trip Past the Biltmore: The Asheville Fly Fishing Co. specializes in guided smallmouth bass trips. Float trips make it easy to take in the nature around you, and provide access to hundreds of miles of river that aren’t accessible by foot. We’re most interested in their downtown float trip that takes guests down the French Broad River.You’ll pass through the Biltmore Estate, and end up in the River Arts District, where you can hop out of the boat for a little shopping, and to taste some of Asheville’s well-known craft brews. The ideal trip for the vacationer looking to take in the sights and catch a few smallmouth bass along the way, this float trip is a great option for any angler, even if you’re just starting out!
  • Smallmouth Bass Whitewater Trips: The Asheville Fly Fishing Co. is the only guide service in the area to offer a smallmouth bass fishing trip on Class III and Class IV whitewater. If you’re an expert angler looking for a bit of adventure, you won’t find an experience like this anywhere else. Cruise through whitewater to get to some of the most remote fishing locations in the area. Since they’re limited access, the rivers are plentiful and offer some amazing fishing. And, if a day trip doesn’t seem like enough time to catch the big one, know that the Asheville Fly Fishing Co. does offer overnight trips, with meals included.

Brookside Guides

If you’re a little newer to fly fishing and want an Asheville fishing guide who can help you learn the basics, as well as get you to the perfect fishing hole, Brookside Guides is another awesome, local choice. Brookside Guides is a local fly fishing treasure, offering regular community events like their women’s fly fishing retreat and school. They do a great job of incorporating fishing lessons into their guided trips, and not only offer wading and float trips, but regular private and group lessons, so you can practice your cast, your fly tying, and learn more advanced techniques to help you catch the true monsters. Trips to check out:

  • Wading tours: Brookside Guides offers both floating and wading tours, full and half days, but if you’re looking to catch some native trout, you can’t beat their guided wading tours. Three of the rivers they fish during their full-day wading tours have been rated Trout Unlimited Top 100 rivers, and offer anglers the chance to hook rainbow, brown, and even brook trout! Full-day tours offer the opportunity to hike into some of the more remote areas of the Nantahala, Pisgah, and Great Smoky Mountain national forests, increasing your chances of catching native trout. Their guides are extremely well-versed in fly fishing techniques and know just where to find the fish.
  • Private Lessons: Not many fly fishing guides provide private lessons anymore, but if you’re looking to enhance your skills, Brookside Guides offers the means to do it! They teach private lessons for anglers of all skill levels and offer half and full-day packages for one to three students. All the gear you need is included in the price of your lesson, and you’re guaranteed to improve your technique when learning from their qualified fly fishing experts.

Southern Appalachian Anglers

If you’re looking for a truly unique fly fishing guide experience near Asheville, the Southern Appalachian Anglers guide service is absolutely one of the best in the area. Dedicated to river conservation, this guide service partners with local area conservationists to help clean up the rivers they fish, and they take their client to areas of the river that do not experience excessive fishing pressure. This helps keep an equilibrium for the native fish population, and it ensures their guests experience a remote, uncrowded fly-fishing trip, for ultimate relaxation! The Southern Appalachian Anglers offer a number of unique guided trips you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Musky Fishing Trips: Because Musky can be so elusive and difficult to catch, there aren’t many guides who offer a Musky exclusive fishing trip. But the Southern Appalachian Anglers know the rivers surrounding Asheville well, and offer wading and float trips to find that trophy Musky. You’ll toss some massive flies into the waters of the French Broad River, well stocked with Musky, for a chance at a huge fish, and some explosive action.
  • Backcountry Fishing Trips: Offered March through November, these backcountry fishing trips are a unique experience to unleash your true outdoorsman. Designed by the Southern Appalachian Anglers’ guides, their backcountry fishing trips will take you into some of the most remote stream-fed rivers, for a chance to fish for wild trout. Though these trips tend to be a bit more strenuous, the payoff is huge, as you’ll be casting for wild trout, and you’ll get to experience the pristine natural beauty of the WNC backcountry.

Asheville, NC is one of the best places to fly fish for trout, smallmouth bass, and even musky, so whether you’re an old hand or new to the sport, know that the perfect fly fishing trip is out there waiting for you this summer. From fly fishing to craft brews to mountain hiking, Asheville’s got it all.

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