Looking for a place to call home that is more than just four walls and a roof? Consider joining a sustainable community. A sustainable community is one that is built to last. It centers around appreciating and preserving the environment and encourages residents to get involved through gardening, small farming and conservation projects. This type of community embodies “eco-friendly” and not only does good for the planet, but also provides unique opportunities to all residents. Read on to learn about what to expect from life in a sustainable community.


Wellness Outdoors

Sustainable communities value wellness and the outdoors. Residents share a love for fresh air and make use of miles of well-maintained trails for hiking and biking. Shared hobbies bring neighbors closer together, building the community into a strong force of nature-loving people.

Residents also get to enjoy a community greenhouse. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with people who value organic foods makes the gardening work enjoyable and rewarding. Swap recipes with neighbors to get the most out of your home-grown zucchini or share tips for growing the best leafy greens.

Working in the garden, caring for chickens and bees, and exploring the community’s many beautiful trails are all great ways to get some exercise. Growing and harvesting organic foods that are free from harsh chemicals or pesticides is better for your body. Before you know it, you’ll start living your healthiest life in this community.

With an emphasis on wellness, sustainable living promotes a healthy balance between what it takes to support the community and what it gives back to each member. By participating in healthful hobbies in this beautiful mountain setting, residents are able to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, tasty produce and stronger neighborly relationships.


Environmental Focus

Joining a sustainable community means you will need to make a commitment to sustainability. It’s a way of life, and not a change to be taken lightly. It will require growth and adaptation before it is comfortable. However, the easing of mind that comes with reducing your carbon footprint has no price. By turning the focus on sustainability, you can be a part of the solution to the climate crisis.

While a part of life in a sustainable community, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in sustainable living practices by contributing to the pollinator population, raising chickens or lending a hand in the community garden. Of course, you’ll also get to share in the rewards, meaning sweet local honey, fresh eggs, and nutritious vegetables.

All properties are built using green building standards which aim to minimize waste and source responsible materials that will save energy for you and the environment. Green building puts people and the planet over profit, so we all win.


Penny Practical

Sustainable homes are naturally energy efficient. Homebuilders design living spaces that don’t require much energy usage, and investing in efficient appliances will save you money in the long run. Community spaces are also designed with efficiency in mind and try to use natural light and space whenever possible.

Growing your own produce will save you money on your grocery bills. By putting the time in yourself, you sidestep the dangerous byproducts of store-bought foods and the prices. A sustainable lifestyle is very affordable because you’re enjoying things that can grow on trees.


Natural Beauty

Sustainable living revolves around nature, and enjoys it, too. Communities that practice sustainability bask in views of the iconic Blue Ridge Mountains, find peace in quiet and secluded forests, and play in the colorful meadows of the Carolinas. These stunning features are the reason we love to call this place home, and why we feel such a strong need to protect and care for our natural surroundings.

Sustainable communities also bring the outdoors in, developing and maintaining beautifully groomed parks for residents to enjoy as well as Trillium gardens that attract bees and other local wildlife. These spaces offer a chance to escape the quickly changing world of technology and industry and enjoy what makes life truly worth living: our connections to our environment and each other.

What matters most here isn’t wealth or status, exclusivity or privilege. What matters is heart. When you move to a sustainable community, you can expect to be surrounded by people who honestly care. Not just about the environment and gardening, but about one another. You’ll be a part of a neighborhood where people know each others’ names, from working with them in the greenhouse, passing them on the trail, or catching up around the firepit. Sustainable communities have more heart than any other subdivision or neighborhood because inclusivity and welcoming come with the territory.

Considering moving to a sustainable community, but still not quite sure what to expect? Schedule a tour of Couch Mountain! Our beautiful, sustainable community is just waiting for you to visit!