Hendersonville NC is a very progressive, environmentally-conscious town. Similar to its larger neighbor, Asheville NC, which is well known for its own green initiatives, Hendersonville makes it a priority to listen to residents’ concerns and help the community practice sustainable living.

A great example of this is the Environmental Sustainability Board in Hendersonville, NC. Who are they and what do they do for the area and the environment? Let’s find out.

Hendersonville NC Environmental Sustainability Board

The Environmental Sustainability Board (ESB) has three defined purposes which are to: 

  • Save resources
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Save taxpayers money  

With these goals in mind, the ESB works on a number of projects across the city of Hendersonville NC, and involves the community with every event, action, and decision.

ESB Projects

The ESB is responsible for a number of projects that help residents access education and other resources to save energy and promote sustainable living. Here are just a few examples of their work in the Hendersonville area:

Rain Barrel Program

The rain barrel program was started in 2017 and is designed to provide low-cost rain barrels to residents. The rain barrels collect runoff from roofs and store them for use in gardening or irrigation. When used on a large scale, the project can reduce stormwater runoff, improve water quality, and reduce the demand for treated water. Since they can store the water for later use, residents will be taking less from the community’s water supply and can enjoy lower water bills.


ESB members adopted Martin Luther King Jr. Park on Fourth Ave. With the help of volunteers, they cleaned up the park and added much-needed waste and recycling receptacles. The ESB is committed to doing cleanups at the park quarterly. Others can adopt a park or trail through the city’s program if they are similarly inspired to make a difference for their neighborhood.

Bee City Hendersonville NC

Bee City Hendersonville is a program supported by ESB and Hendersonville NC’s Tree Board. The program builds habitats for pollinators around the city and raises awareness of supporting habitat conservation. The program sponsors year-round events, workshops, and educational opportunities for kids.

Other ESB Initiatives

Other ESB projects include hosting composting workshops, advising city commissioners about environmental policies and practices, participating in clean-up events, and working with city government to reduce waste at municipal functions. 

The ESB is also offering sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics and encouraging residents to give up plastic products. Proceeds from the offered products go to support a community mural for the Bee City project.

Impact of Hendersonville NC’s ESB 

ESB is a small group of Hendersonville NC residents which has managed to have a large positive impact for the rest of their community and the environment. They share a goal to see their community improve and become a model for sustainable living. They encourage other community members to get involved in their efforts to make sustainable living accessible and affordable for all residents of Hendersonville NC.

The ESB meets regularly to discuss ongoing projects and new business, which the public is encouraged to participate in. Due to COVID-19 precautions, ESB meetings are currently hosted on virtual platforms. The public can still access meeting agendas and minutes. 

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