When you move to a sustainable community, curious things can happen. 

You may become more aware of your impact on people and the world around you. You might start to make more mindful choices about how you live in this world. You may find yourself choosing to make it better for you and your neighbors, and the generations to come.

The Real Purpose of Sustainable Communities

When we all strive for a sustainable future, we all win. Sustainable communities center around eco-friendly practices that improve nutrition and wellness and promote inclusive spaces for all to share the bounty of the earth.

Sustainable communities are about more than just living green. Their purpose is to help us: 

  • Establish connections with others through environmental action and conservation.
  • Appreciate the natural resources we have access to and protect that access for everyone.
  • Separate from harmful practices that drain resources and energy.
  • Strengthen our society in a holistic, inclusive way.

What Happens When You Move to a Sustainable Community

The tangible benefits of this lifestyle are just as bountiful. When you move to a sustainable community, you can grow your own organic food, support vulnerable pollinator populations, strengthen your connection to the outdoors, and acknowledge your impact — both societal and environmental.

Appreciate Your Food

A great benefit of living in a sustainable community is the chance to grow your own food in productive community gardens. Digging your hands in the soil and tending to plants helps you appreciate the work that goes into growing your own organic food. 

Produce grown by you tastes better and feels better than any you can purchase at the store. It’s a healthy way to work on your relationship with food and the earth. 

Support Vulnerable Populations

Living in a sustainable community means opportunities to support vulnerable populations and help them flourish. You can create space for pollinators to thrive by raising bees, fruit trees or lush gardens, then cultivate space in your heart for others. 

Both in your backyard and in the larger community, there are so many opportunities to help nourish those who are struggling, if we can be open to the deeper lessons our sustainable community can offer us.

Spend Quality Time Outdoors

Sustainable communities offer a greater connection to outdoors, through hiking trails, open space, and plenty of room to play and explore. Exercise outdoors is a great way to oxygenate the blood and stretch your muscles, while access to fresh air is known to improve cardiovascular function and health outcomes. 

Spending time outside is not only vital for physical health and movement, it is just as important for sustainable mental health. Viewing greenery and breathing fresh air can elevate our moods, raise serotonin levels in the brain, and improve focus. 

When you move to a sustainable community, you’ll be surrounded by natural spaces and have plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation just outside your door.

Examine Your Impact

When you move to a sustainable community you can see in real time how your choices, your actions, and your biases shape the world and your perspective. Making greener choices such as using sustainable materials in your home, installing energy efficient appliances, starting a compost pile, or contributing to the community garden, you can see how even small changes can start to have a big impact on your life and the lives of others.

By acknowledging the way we have walked through life may not always be the best, most sustainable way to live, we can start doing the work of choosing better, healthier things. Sure, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, great — but you’ll also see how saving on energy means you can spend your money on what matters to you, or how growing your own produce encourages you to add more vegetables into your diet. 

When you move to a sustainable community, you may recognize how your old ways were wasteful or inefficient, but you’ll also see the new ways you can change and adapt for a happier, sustainable future.

A Sustainable Community with a Global Impact

When you move to a sustainable community, you might notice that you start to expand — energetically, spiritually, environmentally — and grow into new areas of your life that are rich and fulfilling. This expansion allows you to share the love you’ve cultivated for yourself and your space with others, and become part of a community effort to make the world better for our neighbors and future generations.

Interested in joining a sustainable community? At Couch Mountain we make sustainable living easy. When you join our community, you can enjoy a sustainably built home surrounded by 355 acres of beautiful, scenic land in the Blue Ridge Mountains. With access to well-maintained hiking trails and the opportunity to start your own garden, contribute to the local pollinator population, or even raise chickens for fresh eggs, you can start imagining your life in a healthier, more sustainable, more satisfying light. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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