In Asheville, NC, we know what hot and humid feels like. With average July temperatures in the 80s and 90s, summer days get pretty toasty here. 

No need to fear, though. The good news is that Asheville offers a bunch of fun activities to help you embrace (or escape!) the heat. Here’s a list of our favorite things to do in and around Asheville, NC on a hot summer day:

Try A New Water Activity

Water activities are a great way to stay outdoors and cool down at the same time. With the famous French Broad River and various lakes nearby, Asheville offers many water sports that anyone can enjoy. Here are some that we recommend:

Blue Heron Whitewater Rafting

Blue Heron Whitewater Rafting is located just a few miles outside of Asheville. Their guides take you down the best 5-8 mile rapid routes on the French Broad River, showing you the beauty of the mountains and the rush of the river all at once. 

Hike Bike Kayak Asheville 

Hike Bike Kayak Asheville is a tour company that provides private and semi-private kayak tours throughout Asheville. Their guides are certified Blue Ridge Parkway and Western North Carolina naturalists, so you’re guaranteed to get some great views, commentary, and splashes!

Sliding Rock

Sliding Rock is a swimming hole just outside of Asheville. Within it is a 60 foot natural water slide that ends in an 8-foot deep pool of water. It’s fun for an entire family, but be sure to get there early, as it’s usually very busy in the summer (understandably so!).

Zen Tubing

If you’d like a more laid-back water activity, Zen Tubing may be perfect for you. Rent an inner tube, connect with your group, and float down the French Broad River for a day full of refreshing fun!

Catch Some Breeze on A Zipline

Asheville’s mountains make for a great ziplining adventure. If you’re feeling brave and aren’t too scared of heights, ziplining through the canopy is a must. The view from the treetops is breathtaking, and the wind in your hair feels incredible on a hot day!

Here are a few of our favorite zipline adventure centers:

Cool Off With Drinks

Sometimes the best way to cool off is to sit down and have a drink. With an iconic food and beverage scene, Asheville won’t let you down here. Some of our favorite stops for wine, cocktails, and craft beverages include:

Crocodile Wine

Crocodile Wine makes natural wine with ethical labor, clean farming, organic grapes, and natural fermentation. Not only do we love their selection of over 300 wines, but we love their commitment to sustainable living!


Plēb is an urban winery that supports our community of farmers, winemakers, artists, and chefs by making wine with locally grown grapes. Buy from the glass, try a flight, or purchase a bottle, and taste what Asheville has to offer. 


Plant is an award-winning, exclusively vegan restaurant in Asheville. Not only is their food amazing, but their vegan drinks are great too. Choose from a list of unique vegan cocktails, spirits, and craft beers. Their delicious drinks will cool you down and their commitment to sustainability will keep you coming back.  

Indulge In Some Ice Cream

We can’t say no to ice cream. But why should we when Asheville has so many yummy options for us to try? These three ice cream shops are at the top of our list:

The Hop

While The Hop is always serving regular ice cream flavors like vanilla bean and chocolate, we get most excited about their unique seasonal flavors like lavender vanilla and blueberry kale. We also love their vegan options of sorbet or ice cream made with milk alternatives. Lastly, they have ice cream for dogs. Enough said, right?

Ultimate Ice Cream

Ultimate Ice Cream makes its 25+ flavors with locally sourced ingredients. They offer unique flavors like ultimate chai and goat cheese bing cherry that you won’t find anywhere else. Also, they participate in a philanthropic flavor of the month program, with proceeds going to various nonprofits in the area. 

Sunshine Sammies

When a regular ice cream cone isn’t doing it for you, go to Sunshine Sammies and try a handcrafted, specialty ice cream sandwich. These sandwiches come in unique flavors like key lime graham cracker, concord grape and rosemary, and coffee cookies n’ cream. Sunshine Sammies has a storefront, but you can also find them driving around town in one of their solar-powered cars (extra points for sustainability!). 

Enjoy Indoor Games And Activities

If the outdoors are too much to bear, move your plans inside and do some indoor games and activities. From escape rooms to outlet malls to museums, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check out one or more of our favorites:

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