Building the future

With just 65 exclusive homesites, Couch Mountain is a sustainable community that puts a focus on wellness for our residents and our environment. Here, you’ll find beautiful community gardens, miles of wooded trails, scenic mountain views, bees, chickens, and more.

We know that we are building for the future. With that in mind, we encourage you to add to our local pollinator population with your own bees or commit to sustainability by keeping your own chickens and contributing to our community gardens. At Couch Mountain, wellness and sustainability are our focus, now and for the future. 

Miles of Trails

Our Couch Mountain community features miles of well-groomed trails perfect for hiking and biking.

Mountain Views

Every site at Couch Mountain enjoys breathtaking panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains around us.

Trillium Gardens

Expansive trillium gardens bring a bit of nature’s beauty into the heart of our community.

Community Parks

Lush parks provide a place to enjoy the protected environment surrounding Couch Mountain.

Community Greenhouse

Get your hands dirty and grow your own healthy meals at our community greenhouse and vegetable gardens.

Bees & Chickens

Backyard farming is encouraged, and many of our residents choose to keep chickens and bees.

Couch Mountain is a sustainable mountain living community placing a focus on the preservation of our environment. Relax comfortably in the peaceful, natural spaces around you knowing they’re here to stay.

Local: (828)-645-8815

Toll-Free: (866)-936-5263