Gorgeous Mountain Properties

Private Mountain Living

Enjoy large private homesites, offering residents the exclusive opportunity to walk out their back door and truly experience the quiet solitude of the Blue Ridge Mountains.



Homesites on forested land offer a little extra natural peace and seclusion. Walk out your back door and right into the protected old-growth forests that make Couch Mountain such a beautiful place to live. 

couch mountain sunset


These homesites feature some of the best views of the Blue Ridge Mountains beyond our community. Look out your kitchen window to breathtaking long-range mountain vistas and landscapes of the towns below. 

sunset over nc mountains


Bright homesites in sunny clearings offer you the best of mountain views plus expansive, colorful meadows surrounding your home. You’ll have the space to keep chickens or bees, and all the sunlight required to grow your favorite flowers and vegetables.

sunset over nc mountains

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At Couch Mountain, every homesite is more beautiful than the next. Let us help you find your perfect property!


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